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The signing ceremony for the MILGEM Class Frigate Project took place today at the Presidency of Defense Industries in Ankara.

Up to this day, Anadolu, Sedef, and Sefine Shipyards have designed, constructed, and are in the process of delivering the largest and most equipped ships to the Turkish Naval Forces as the private sector. By combining our strengths, we have established TAİS Shipbuilding and Technology Inc. Our goal was not to compete in foreign markets but to contribute to the defense industry exports by joining forces.

With today's signing ceremony, we are commencing the construction of combat class ships. The production of three new ISTIF Class Frigates will be carried out through the partnership of TAİS Joint Venture Commercial Enterprise and STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc.

In the project to be conducted by TAİS JV and STM Inc., as the partners of TAİS JV, Anadolu, Sedef, and Sefine Shipyards plan to simultaneously produce one frigate each and deliver them to the Naval Forces Command within 36 months.

May this be auspicious and prosperous for our country and the Defense of the Blue Homeland.