About Us
Pioneering Naval Innovation and Excellence

As one of Turkey’s leading shipyards in naval vessels, Anadolu Shipyard remains committed to develop advanced engineering solutions and grow its building capacity of new naval ships.

About Us
Established in the 1950s as a family-owned commercial shipyard, Anadolu Shipyard has a rich heritage of constructing diverse vessels. Evolving strategically, we shifted our focus to naval platforms, emerging as the premier builder of the Turkish Navy's largest, most equipped and fastest amphibious command ships built in their class to date, the TCG Bayraktar and TCG Sancaktar. Driven by a commitment to delivering effective and competitive solutions for naval platforms, we continually invest in advancing our technology and enhancing our expertise. With a seasoned team and robust design capabilities, Anadolu Shipyard stands poised to design and construct naval ships of both auxiliary and combatant types, meeting the evolving needs of modern naval defense.
Delivered Projects
Our vision as Anadolu Shipyard is to enhance the diversity of military platforms through shipbuilding. We strive to expand our capacity by prioritizing international contracts, ultimately contributing to the growth of Turkey's Defense Industry exports.
Meeting the demand for a strong and state of the art fleets for the Naval Forces of Turkey and its allies by constructing high-quality naval vessels on schedule and providing effective competitive solutions.
Board Members
Süalp Ömer Ürkmez
President & Shareholder
A. Ebru Ürkmez Kalkan
Vice President & Shareholder
Fatma Arzu Yayla
Board Member & Shareholder