Life at Anadolu Shipyard
Anadolu Shipyard employees thrive in a positive working environment where empowerment fosters creativity and innovation, respect forms the foundation of teamwork and collaboration, and cutting-edge technology drives our collective pursuit of excellence.
Quality Focus
In order for ensuring excellence and quality in our business processes, we comply with internationally recognized management system standards. While the main guideline we implement in that respect remains ISO 9001 Quality Management System, we comply with various system standards regarding various aspects of our operations. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Thanks to regularly conducted audit and certification studies, we ensure our compliance levels with these standards and carry out continuous improvement studies.
Sustainable and Innovative Perspective
We seek to make innovative thinking a part of our corporate culture. We encourage our suppliers about developing innovative systems and practices regarding main sustainability management areas such as quality, efficiency, human rights and working environment as well as environmental performance.
Healthy and Safe Working Environment
We make it our mission to create a safe and healthy working environment by meeting all legal and institutional working conditions regarding occupational health and safety. We strive to constantly improve our processes with the aim of eliminating all hazards that threaten the safety of life and property, such as disease, injury and fire.
Superior Environmental Awareness
We continue our work by developing our business strategies in line with our Environmental Management approach and not compromising our environmental targets under any circumstances. We carry out our business processes by establishing and developing collaborations with our suppliers, employees, customers and all other stakeholders in the field of environmental sustainability, increasing the awareness of all our stakeholders in this field, and providing all kinds of human resources, technological investments and financial resources for the efficient use of natural resources.
Team Work
Our team is agile and collaborative. With diverse backgrounds from different industries and varying skill sets, we come together as one. We recognize that each individual’s experience is a necessary piece of the puzzle and value what we can learn from others.
We conduct our operations as a reputable company, utilizing state-of-the-art technology in the technology sector to design, manufacture, project, and assemble high-quality military and commercial marine vehicles. Renowned for our expertise, experience, quality, and technology, we are at the forefront, recognized for our reliability.