Our News
The LCTs of the 151 Class designed and built at our shipyard are being well-received and in demand by various countries.

We have designed, constructed and successfully delivered 8 The Fast Amphibious Ships (LCT) to the Turkish Naval Forces, featuring amphibious operations as their main function, with high maneuverability and the ability to of dry ramp landing to the shore. These engineering and technological marvels, with a 420-ton carrying capacity and the unique capability to transport 7 tanks in a single operation, are the fastest in their class. In addition to their military functions, these ships can swiftly execute disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and evacuation operations.

Having previously exported similar configurations to Qatar, our proven and original LCT designs continue to garner admiration and interest from various countries, leading to ongoing export negotiations. 

Recently, we have signed 2 more Landing Ship contracts with an African Country, and these ships are scheduled to be delivered within the next 2 years.